Dubai Mall Skating Adventure

This was a great day. Jenny really had a lot of fun!

Nice picture!

Nice picture!

Aint this great!

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Our Musandam Trip Christmas 2010

This past Christmas break we were encouraged by other staff members to make a trip to Musandam (a port just inside Oman) and take in one of the boat tours that depart from there. We discussed this and decided to make it the trip for our holidays (and Ning paid which was great!). It was a very good decision.

We were picked up by van at our apartment in Dubai at 8:00 AM. About halfway to Musandam we stopped at a look out point in the mountains. As you can see we took some great pictures! I had never seen mountains without trees that were so beautiful.   We arrived in Musandam around 10:30 AM. We were taken to a boat yard from which we embarked  for the water portion of our journey.

The ride was a bit exciting. Ning had a bit of a hard time with the waves. She is not much of a person for boats in the first place. Jenny was all eyes. We saw lots of birds and saw some fantastic shorelines. It was a look into another way of life for us! The initial ride lasted about an hour and half. We arrived at a hidden cove that sheltered from the ocean waves by the mountains. The water was emerald green and very clear. You could see things on the ocean floor despite the fact the water was over ten meters deep!

We were taken ashore by small boat. We went swimming there. The water was nice but not as warm as what we are used to in Thailand. We made some new friends with small schools of fish. They looked like miniature dolphins and they jumped and danced all around us as we stood in awe of them!

After our swim we were treated to an onboard buffet of Western and Arabic foods. It was delicious!

We left for home around 4:30 PM. It was a tiring day full of new things and excitement. The trip left us with lots of things to talk about. It really was our best Christmas present! One we were very thankful for.

Musandam Trip

P1030840As you can see the tip was fun! We went this past Christmas. P1030830We travelled by van through some gorgeous mountains and ended up in a ton on the Persian Gulf.

Saturday Holiday test

Hey we are in Dubai getting ready for a big Thai feed tonight. Wish you were here!!

Chengdu Pictures June 20, 2010 011

ES Topics and Homework for Oct. 31 – Nov. 4

Gr. 3M: Internet Safety
Gr. 4 Word usage
Gr. 5: PowerPoint Presentation You should have completed slide 4 by Thursday class


Oct. 31 – Nov. 4

Test load for homework

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DAA is the Place!

Today DAA  agreed to give us what it would cost to fly from Duabi to Canada even though we are coming from Thailand. what a great way to start a relationship!!

Tuesday is the Day!

Today we will see if Ning has a new job. WE are keeping our fingers crossed. It would make a big difference to all concerned!